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Adventuring Towards Happy: A Journey

I am a seeker. I am always reaching for and demanding more. Not from aggression or need, but from an unwillingness to settle for mediocrity. I desire an exceptional living, in all areas: my body, my business, with relationships, with my recreational pursuits, with my family and my pets, with money…

I have been looking at this and asking questions about what is required and have wondered about what will create that; what I could choose. As a new year starts it is natural to look towards what I would like to change, create and invite in to my life. So, what would be the qualities of an exceptional life?

And, what has popped as my overriding target for 2018 is increased happiness and joy with everything I do and be. I am inspired to have an adventure with me; and to be present with it all, noticing and discovering what is my happy.


I will be writing as I go, sharing awarenesses and breakthroughs, and what tools and processes I am using to change what isn’t joyful. I am hoping it will be a contribution to someone, offer some insights or questions to ponder. I am not sure how long I will do this, nor do I have an agenda for how often I will write. If I make it scheduled I will resist it!

So, starting where I am drawn to start, is with my body. I have created some interesting things with her in the last few years. I make choices that I know won’t create greater, and don’t make choices I could. As my energetic and healing capacities expand, it hasn’t always been easy not to process stuff through my body. I would like more ease, more communion and more fun.

I wonder what I will discover… Gabrielle