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Can Happiness Change the World?

If everyone in the world was happier, what would our world be like? Can you imagine it? Think of a chronically grumpy or curmudgeon-like person you know. If that person was happier, even a little, would it effect the people they come in contact with? They might be a little less judgmental or snarly, which would change their impact on others, who then would have a more pleasant experience they will pass on to the people in their lives, etc… You get the picture.

Your Happiness Matters!

First of all, no one can create your happiness for you. What if the purpose of life was to be happy? I love this question! If happiness is the point, it takes all the pressure off to get “it” right, whatever “it” is, and whatever arbitrary definition of “right,” is. It opens up the space, for those who choose it, to cultivate a life that is joyful, enriching, nurturing and fun! It certainly won’t look the same for everyone. Your happy life will be different than my happy life, and your partner’s happy life. We can each choose our happy, and somehow it all works together to create even more happiness for everyone! Are you willing to be unabashedly happy?

Choosing Towards Happy is a Gift to Everyone!

The cool thing here is choosing happiness doesn’t have to be a selfish thing. Actually, it likely isn’t. When you are happy, does it include others? And, it’s contagious! When you are happier it is natural to desire other’s to be happier too. We aren’t as reactive when our people do and choose things we might not have wanted them to. If you are happy does it really matter if your guy wants to hang out with his friends instead of take in a movie with you? Not really. When you are willing to do things that create more happiness for you, isn’t it possible that you are showing people it’s ok to do the same? And when you do it without being a dick about it (because you are not being selfish, you are honoring yourself), perhaps it allows others to start choosing their own happiness too!

Choosing Your Happiness Is Not Choosing Against Someone Else

Not every choice you make will be supported by everyone in your life. How they view it is not your problem, it is their choice. Truly our point of view creates our reality and we can change our points of view. Are you willing to sacrifice your happiness to make others comfortable? Notice I said “comfortable,” not happy. Staying in the comfort zone and being happy are not the same thing! The comfort zone is a box, and by staying within those parameters we actually create a self-inflicted trap. I don’t know about you, but I am getting out of the comfort zone! Think of a time you stepped outside of your comfort zone. Did your world expand? Did you have a sense of excitement, exhiliration and satisfaction? I know I have, and guess what? I was happier for having taken the leap.

What Creates Happiness in Your World?

Is this something you have really looked at? I encourage you look at this; you may find the things you default to (often stuff we learned as kids) may not have the same happiness effect now. Will you spend 5-10 minutes and start to make a list of what creates more happiness for you and for your body? If you do, when you are a little blah, or even if you aren’t but just want more fun and joy in your world, choose one or two things from your list and do them! I find they are usually fairly simple things

My Top 3 (this week at least)

Sun on my face

Taking a hike or walk in nature

Taking a hot bath with sea salts and lavender

Feel free to comment below, I would love to hear what gets your happy on! You may just remind other readers of something that works for them as well.

Get Your Happy On is a movement, join the conversation and post pictures or whatever on social media using the hashtag #getyourhappyon If you would like to dig deeper and explore, expand and substantiate HAPPY in your world join a Get Your Happy On class, they are happening all over the world.

I am having one March 24th in Redondo Beach, California from 2:30 – 4:30.

Find classes around the globe: Get Your Happy on Around the World

Now let’s get happy, people!