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So, You Think You're Stuck Pt. 2: The Way Out

It’s time to go back to the basics

I have a lot of tools and information in my toolbox. I find one of the easiest ways to change something is a foundational Access Consciousness® tool. This is a set of questions you can use to change anything:

What is this?

What do I do with it?

Can I change it?

If yes, how do I change it?

I learned these questions 7 years ago, and have taken more advanced classes with advanced tools than I can name, and still come back to the basics when I am stuck or wallowing in my own shit (insert poop emojis here).

I ask these questions not looking for an answer, but an awareness.

It often shows up as an energy; the key is to not define it or figure it out. All that is required is to be present with it and relax into receiving.

For the 1st two questions ask, and notice the energy that comes up. When asking “can I change it?” again you are not looking for an answer but either a lightness/sense of expansion or a heaviness/contraction. Light is a “yes,” heavy is a “no.”

For the final question if you got a “yes” it is really tempting to go for the answer or solution. Resist the temptation! Looking for the solution is on auto-pilot for most of us, and other times it’s concluding you don’t know what to do and doing nothing.

Stop working so hard!! It takes a great deal of effort to go to either of those defaults. You are an infinite being (note to self: I am an infinite being), ease and joy and glory are your natural space of being.

It really is an ask and you shall receive universe.

The questions are the ask, now all you have to do is receive. Notice what you are aware of. What pops into your head? Are possibilities showing up that if you chose them would start to change the ick? This is where the idea, follow the energy, comes in.

Please note, you may get a 'No' when you ask if you can change it. Sometimes we are just aware... of other people, the world, the planet itself. And, as much as we may want to, we can't really change what isn't ours to begin with. If you get a no, I suggest doing your best to let it go and ask something like, "how can I have ease with this?," and noticing what comes up.

I have been asking the above questions about this mountain of yuck I have been living on (or under), what I got was: mine, a definite energy of what I can do with it (no cognitive answer), I can change it and what came to me was… CHOOSE!

I got the idea to play with choosing in a grand way. I will call it a choice-a-thon. I will consciously choose everything for 24 hours with the premise being: choose what’s light no matter what. No matter what it looks like, what is light to do, I will follow it.

I am choosing to take 1 day to commit to me and my life, no excuses and no back doors. All that is required is to ask questions then follow the path of least resistance, in the sense of what is expansive and easy. Not just what is easy, because often what is easiest is also what's keeping us stuck. It's familiar.

This kind of easy stems from the lightness or excitement about the choice. And note, excitement and fear have the same physiological response...

Sometimes choosing what is expansive is also choosing towards the uncomfortable.

And, really, I'm not sure anything is more uncomfortable than the stagnant, frequently boring, rut I have been in. Even in the midst of being buried under my own (and other people's – after all I am aware) crap, I am willing to do this one-day experiment and see what it creates.

Choice creates awareness, so at the very least I will know more about what’s going on and what will change it. Soooooo… here it goes. See you on the backside!