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Adventuring Towards Happy: Let the Body Journey Begin!

Hi sweet body, I am here and would like to get to know you. After all, we've lived together a long time now and I have kind of taken you for granted... and I am going to change all of that now, so let's go...

This is how I am starting my new dialogue with my body. I recognize how much I have strayed from having total awareness of what she requires and not listen when she "speaks" to me. It can be so easy to ignore the tugs, letting you know that something is required, like water, exercise, sleep. Perhaps you can relate.

Over time, the effects have cumulated. I have gained weight, my lymph system is sluggish, so there is a general puffiness too. My digestion is off, I notice I don't process food as quickly as I should. My body is a lot less flexible (not that I would have ever used the word flexible to describe me - but it's definitely more restricted). There is some other stuff too, which I am sure will get to them as the journey progresses. So, the whispers are turning to screams, and I can't, no - won't ignore it anymore.

Somewhere along the way, I stopped paying attention and turned a deaf-ear

Often, I am aware that my body is talking to me, and I just don't listen. Even as I was creating the graphic for this post, I was thirsty and didn't get up; I continued to work - for 30 minutes. It would have been so easy to walk down stairs and get something to drink.

When did my relationship with my body turn from one of curiosity to one of superiority? And, really, that doesn't matter, what does is that noticing it and being willing to start something different.

The greatest and simplest tool we have at our disposal is the power of question. Questions invite possibilities, when we ask from a space of wonder, with no conclusions or answers in mind, we can then start having communion and ease with our bodies.

I am starting with simple questions


  • What do you require right now?

  • What, if anything, do you desire to drink? Eat?

  • How would you like to move today (the word exercise has too many points of view attached)?

  • And, simply, what are you telling me right now?

There will be a learning curve and things may not move as fast as I desire (like, I'll have it all, yesterday). And, that's ok; I am excited about reuniting with my body, my best friend. There has been too much energetic space for too long.

xo Gabrielle