If Anything Was Possible

What would you choose?


What do you know is possible, that you don't know how to get to?  Is now the time to end the struggle?  I invite you to a different possibility!


Gabrielle is a life coach and business mentor with a background in counseling psychology and psychotherapy. She is a certified facilitator of several Access Consciousness® specialties and is a certified practitioner in Reiki and Integrative Energy Therapy. She studied Psychology at UCLA and went on to receive her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Ryokan College.


A passionate advocate for self-discovery, Gabrielle draws upon 20 years of counseling, coaching and teaching experience to facilitate classes and individual sessions, empowering her clients to become a powerhouse for change in their businesses, relationships and lives. Nothing is too big to change, or too small to look at.  Gabrielle empowers clients to know that anything is possible and provides tools that will allow them to have whatever they desire.  


When she isn’t traveling the world sharing the brilliance of Access Consciousness she lives in a beach suburb of Los Angeles, with her 2 (wacky and wonderful) dogs.

Inspirations & Musings

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