Is there any part of your life that isn’t the way you would like it to?

Is there any aspect of your life that isn’t as easy as you would like, or where things just aren’t flowing?

Or, are there situations in which you don’t speak up when you wish you would, or do speak up when you wish you didn’t?

Have you ever wished or wanted to choose something different, or be different in relation to those areas but some invisible block seems to be in the way?


Those tend to be the places where we are not truly being ourselves.  Those places where we have been conditioned to act a certain way, or to not go too far outside the comfort zone.

Those are some of the areas where we are, often without even realizing it, functioning from the definitions, judgments, fears, and projections that we have bought from others, or have been exposed to for so long we don’t necessarily realize that we are doing it at all.  We become resigned to “that’s just who I am.” 

Well, is it?

I have found for me, and so many people I have worked with, that those also happen to be the areas that we judge ourselves the most. Those areas where we think, “I should have, could have, wish I hadn’t,…What would be possible if you didn’t hold onto those judgments, or hear the voices of our parents, teachers, friends echoing in our heads about what the “right,” way to be really is?

There is so much more space with that, right?

“If you could figure out your life by thinking, if you could mentally figure out how to be you, wouldn’t you have done so already? If thinking yourself out of the box actually worked—wouldn’t you be generating a totally different reality by now? I mean, really, haven’t you been trying to think your way out of the box forever?”

― Dain Heer, Being You, Changing The World

Here’s what I do know about when I am fully being me.  There is an ease and a flow with everything.  I am not in my head trying to figure anything out or the costs or benefits of choosing something.  I am not judging myself or my choices, I am not judging others.  There is a certainty in my world that not only is everything is ok, but that it’s getting better and more fun.  I am ok if someone isn’t happy with me, it just doesn’t seem to matter.  My barriers are down, because I don’t feel the need to defend anything. I feel bolder, more joyful and more willing to try something new and see what shows up.

What is it like when you are truly BEING YOU?

What would it be like to expose and get rid of those invisible barriers that keep you acting, responding and choosing from a limited pool of possibility?  What if all things became available for the choosing and you had more ease and space in your world to choose what you truly desire?

What would the world be like if each of us (or a whole lot more of us) were willing to truly be ourselves?  Might we, then, be able to change the world much faster? 

Would having more truly happy people on the planet create something different?

What if you being you is the gift and the change this world requires?       – Dr. Dain Heer                  

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