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Pearls in Shell Pale TintThere are so many possibilities… Books you can read, videos you can watch, free streamed taster classes and local people with whom you can connect!

Did you know you can access FREE Access?  

The Creators of Access Consciousness®, Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, do a weekly Voice America radio show.  You can listen for free and if you choose you can pay $5.00 a month and receive an audio loop of the clearings used on each call!  How does it get better than that?  Go HERE to listen to the show or browse the archives.


Are You Looking for Local Access Bars Gifting and Receiving Trade?

You can click here for a list of trades in California on the Access site

And, I started a Facebook group for people to list trades and look for individuals to trade with.  If you have taken a Bars class you can join! Access Consciousness™  Gifting & Receiving So Cal


The Year of YOU – Being you


Being you is what it is all about.  It’s what I love to facilitate people to.  NO ONE in the world is just like you, therefore no one in the world can offer the gift that you be but you!! Isn’t it time to let go of all the crap that hides and limits you?

Dr. Dain Heer created this brilliant, beautiful Facebook group for anyone that wants to explore this area in a space of no judgment, total support and playfulness.  

If this seems like fun check it out– there will be all kinds of tools, challenges and videos.  

I invite you to join us! Click HERE