It’s the start of a new year and we are evaluating our lives and what we wish to accomplish or change in 2017.  Some make resolutions, others—like me—don’t. 

Yes, there are things I am looking to change, become or create this year, but one thing I know about me is that “to do” lists don’t really motivate me and resolutions seem like a big, heavily weighted “TO DO” list and I am not going to set myself up like that.

What is the likely outcome of not accomplishing it?  Historically, lots of self-judgment which would be at the top of my resolution list if I had one:

#1 Don’t Judge Myself!

So, what’s a girl to do (no pun intended)?!

For years now, instinctively, I have been looking at the energies I would like to create and live from, the qualities I would like to embody.  They are general, powerful and far-reaching. Instead of resolutions I ask myself to be and create from these “essences.”  In 2017, or at least now, this is what popped… 

  • Joy
  • Fun
  • Ease
  • Allowance (for self and others)
  • Keep it Simple
  • Gratitude


The one specific (if you can call it that) thing I am demanding of myself is continuing to uncover, discover, nurture and honor truly BEING ME and not concerning myself with what others think of me and what I choose.  It is an ongoing exploration, a dance with myself that requires attention to what I embrace and what I avoid and what creates the above qualities I am choosing.  This will be something I blog on throughout the year as I would like to share the journey and hear back from all of you about what you discover about you.

What would you like to BE and create this year?  Please comment and share below!

Enjoy this New Year—enjoy being YOU!

Xo Gabrielle