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Access Consciousness® 

is a set of tools and processes that allow you to change any area of your life that isn’t working for you: your health, happiness, wealth, yourself and how you choose to be in the world, etc… Through learning to ask questions a world of possibility opens up.  Questions empower, answers (conclusions) dis-empower. What do you know, that if you knew you knew it, would change everything?

Through a variety of classes, body-work or private sessions, Certified Facilitators and Access Bars Facilitators use questions and verbal processing techniques to empower you in knowing what you know and clear any energetic blockages that are limiting you. It is through you becoming more conscious of what choices and possibilities you have available, that you are able to choose and generate the life you truly would like. 

I am an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator,®  Body Process Facilitator and most recently in the first group of Being You Facilitators to be trained and certified by Dr. Dain Heer. I draw from the hands-on energetic healing processes and verbal processing tools of Access Consciousness™ in private sessions, group facilitation, and classes covering a variety of topics including Bars Certification classes, The Foundation, money classes and intensive classes on what being YOU truly looks like for you. 

Nothing is off limits and everything can change, all you have to do is choose. 

Are you ready to create something different?  What else is possible? If you allowed yourself total happiness, what would you choose?  Let’s find out! Using these tools is not only powerful, it’s fun!  When was the last time you had fun trying to undo everything you think is wrong in your life?

 The Bars®

The Bars are a set of 32 points on the head that when they are lightly touched dissipate anything that has you stuck, whether it occurred 20 minutes ago, 20  years ago, or more.  Bars creates a change were you can be YOU no matter where you are, and no matter who is around.  It gives you access to the space of you; maybe for the 1st time. How does it get better than that?!!


Do you have more questions about Access Consciousness™?  Click HERE for a link to a FAQ’s page